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Demerit Wear

Office Party Bundle

Office Party Bundle

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Office Party Demerit Badge© Bundle

From break-room baby showers to barstool birthdays, cheers to an office holiday party you'll strive to forget. Demerit Wear is here to make sure the office gossip lives on.

Everybody loves an office party! You certainly won't regret getting tipsy in a room full of people you barely know but are forced to see every single day.

Bundle includes ten 1.5" diameter embroidered patches (just like real merit badges!) Demerit Badges make the perfect party favors as you hand out anti-awards and punny prizes throughout the event! Choose from iron-on, velcro, or peel & stick adhesive backing.


Embroidered Patch

Shipping & Returns

Your Demerit Badges ship in 1-3 business days. If you have any issues with your order or need to return an item, please contact us.


1.5" Diameter


Peel & Stick Adhesive RECOMMENDED. Easy to apply, no sewing required! Sticks to a variety of surfaces, including hard surfaces, synthetic textiles, and natural fabrics. Semi-permanent fixture.

Velcro Hook Fastener Pre-applied hook-side ONLY. Perfect for existing velcro surfaces.

Iron-On Not suitable for all fabrics and surfaces. Not a permanent fixture and should always be paired with stitching the patch in place. Demerit Wear assumes no responsibility for damages incurred to garment.

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